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Friday, November 16, 2012

VA training benefits for Marine stress out family

Family of veteran on the brink after VA benefits don't arrive
Posted on November 15, 2012

AUBREY, Texas -- A North Texas mom says she’s working three side jobs because the Veterans Administration is four months behind in releasing GI Bill benefits to her husband, a Marine veteran who just came home from Afghanistan.

To cover the monthly rent, she sells jewelry at living room parties and cleans funeral homes at night.

"It's frustrating," said a tearful Tiffany Nichols. "I'm sorry. It's really frustrating."

Jerron Nichols, a Marine veteran just back in April from Afghanistan, took an apprenticeship as a utility lineman in June. As part of the GI Bill, Jerron is entitled to a housing benefit while he learns a trade. It's money the family counted on when it rented their home.

How far behind is the government?

"Almost five months," Tiffany Nichols said. "They owe us a little over $4,000."
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